Fountains & Statuary Warranty & Care

Thank you for your recent purchase.    We carry only the highest quality pieces from quality U.S. manufacturers who stand behind their product.  

LIMITED WARRANTY:   Statuary and Fountains come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty against defects in manufacturing and provides for repair or replacement of product only.   With the exception of Henri Studio products (see below) this warranty is provided by the manufacturer and facilitated through The Sharper Edge. Warranty claims are honored or denied at the sole discretion of the manufacturer.  

            HENRI STUDIO WARRANTY POLICY:   Henri Studio handles warranty claims directly. Call the number below for assistance.

For the Consumer Henri Studio Products are warranted for 1 year from date of consumer purchase. Should our products fail under normal operating conditions, the following guidelines apply: If warranty claim is made by the Consumer, the following applies: a. Concrete – Consumer to provide sales receipt (via email picture to with date. If internally approved, Henri Studio will replace the defective item F.O.C., with the consumer paying for the shipping to their destination. b. Pumps - Consumer to provide sales receipt (via email picture to with date, and sticker from pump via USPS if a Franklin Pump If internally approved, Henri Studio will replace the defective item F.O.C., with the consumer paying for the shipping to their destination. c. Lights - Consumer to provide sales receipt (via email picture to with date. If internally approved, Henri Studio will replace the defective item F.O.C., with the consumer paying for the shipping to their destination.

Effective date: 8/1/2019 1250 Henri Drive, Wauconda, IL 60084 1-800-323-4784

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EXCLUSION: In no case shall labor or delivery be covered under this warranty.  Labor to repair or replace warranty issues will be billed at the prevailing rate, currently $80/man hour and shall be pre-authorized with a credit card on file in advance of the work to be completed.

Fountain purchases require the purchase of an approved fountain cover to activate manufacturer's warranty. Fountains purchased without an approved cover may have warranty claims denied by the manufacturer. The Sharper Edge maintains a record, by customer name, of all fountain cover purchases for easy proof of purchase.  

Fountain pumps are warranted for one year from date of purchase. Pump issues resulting from running dry and overheating, freeze damage or any other negligent act may be denied. A pump that is turning on and off intermittently is evidence of overheating due to lack of water and shall not be covered under this warranty (see warm weather care, line 4 below)  Hard wired pumps shall not be warrantied once the plug is cut. Properly maintained most pumps will have a life expectancy of 4- 7 years

DO NOT LET WATER FREEZE IN OR ON YOUR STATUARY OR FOUNTAIN.  Although all of our statuary and fountains are designed to live in the outdoors, pieces that can hold water must be protected during the winter. As water freezes it expands and will hydraulically crack any cast stone piece.  Freeze damage is easily recognizable and is specifically not covered under warranty.  Obvious freeze damage claims will be denied.

Although problems are rare, please read and implement the following care tips to preserve and maintain the integrity of your piece.

Warm Weather Care

1)        During the warm months your fountain must be kept clean. We recommend the use of Fountec for algae control and Protec to minimize scale and lime. Determine how many gallons of water your fountain holds and add the prorated dosage each time water is added to the fountain. Fountec is very effective against algae, however, you may occasionally experience an algae bloom, especially during hot humid conditions.  If this happens clean and empty the fountain and leave it empty for 48 hours to kill off the algae. After 48 hours refill and add more Fountec.  Periodic cleaning of your fountain will be necessary as no algaecide is 100% effective and will not eliminate debris buildup. Utilizing a soft brush, wipe the insides of the fountain and hose out the dirty water being careful not to damage the finish. Use of a pressure washer may damage your finish. Some finishes will turn the water green for the first couple of weeks; this is normal and results from the stains used to finish the product. Not algae.  DO NOT USE CHLORINE TABLETS OR BLEACH IN YOUR FOUNTAIN AS IT WILL DAMAGE AND/OR REMOVE THE FINISH ON THE FOUNTAIN. CHLORINE WILL ALSO DAMAGE OR WEAKEN THE INTEGRITY OF THE CAST STONE.   ADDITIONALLY, THE LIFE OF THE TUBING AND PUMP WILL BE GREATLY SHORTENED WHEN EXPOSED TO CHLORINE.  Use of these chemicals dries out the plastic and makes it brittle.  Cracked tubing and pumps due to chlorine use will not be warranted.

2)       Keep your pump clean and free of debris. If you notice that the volume of water your fountain is producing has greatly reduced, reach in and pull the pump out and clean any algae or debris from the intake of the pump.

3)       Periodic re-leveling, especially during the first year, may be required if your ground settles. Failure to maintain a level fountain will result in a fountain that does not run correctly and could lead to the fountain toppling over, damaging the piece and/or the surroundings.

4)       Your fountain must have water in it to run correctly and protect the pump from overheating.  Your fountain will likely need to be filled throughout the week (dependent on how often the fountain is run). Pumps that are run dry will overheat and result in premature failure evidenced by intermittent cycling early on, and ultimately complete failure. This issue is not covered under warranty.   Do not run your fountain in excessive wind. Most fountains are fitted with mag-drive pumps which are more forgiving but not indestructible. The best pumps in the world will eventually burn up if allowed to run dry. Use of timers is not recommended unless an auto fill system is installed. Use of an inside switch or remote control is recommended. Turn the fountain on and observe the water level. If needed add more water before running it again. Furthermore, to extend the life of your pump, don’t run your fountain 24/7. Run it only when you are there to enjoy it and be observant of water levels.

Winter Care  

1)      Ice is the enemy of outdoor statuary.  The hydraulic forces of ice are very strong and can destroy your purchase quickly. Imagine what can happen to a can of pop left in a freezer overnight.   Prior to the first freeze of the season your fountain should be completely drained of all water. Many pieces come equipped with an easily removable drain plug. Remove all available drain plugs and keep them out for the duration of the winter.  If your piece does not have a plug, a wet/dry shop vacuum, towels, cup or some other measure can be used to empty the piece. If your fountain is not equipped with a drain plug we recommend pulling out the center plug and removing the pump. Most covers are not fully waterproof but rather water repellent and designed to shed the water off like a duck's feathers. It is critical that the cover is installed in such a way that the water sheds off the cover and the cover is not allowed to sag into the fountain which can allow water to leak into the bowl. The use of a sports ball or some other item to create a tenting effect may be necessary on fountains that have a flat top or a tendency to allow the cover to droop sag into the piece. Periodically monitor the status of the drains to make sure they are clear of debris and that no water is accumulating in the bowls of the fountain and that the cover is shedding all water outside of the fountain bowl.  

2)       If the pump is easily removed you may remove it. If your fountain has manufacturer provided drain plugs and they are removed, the pump may be left in the fountain but must be tilted and drained to prevent freeze damage. Place burlap, old towels or rags in all of the bowls to absorb any condensation which may drip in during the winter months.

3)       Cover the fountain with an approved fountain cover sold by our store. Note that an approved fountain cover has the ability to breathe.   Trash bags and plastic tarps are known to cause freeze damage as they retain moisture against the piece, are unsightly and not recommended. Periodically monitor the status of your cover the ensure that it does not sag into the fountain allowing water to enter the bowls. This is particularly import during periods of heavy snow as the weight of the snow may collapse the cover inward allowing water to accumulate in your fountain which may result in freeze damage or cracking of the bowls. If your fountain has pointed edges or corners, such as a square bowl, pad those points with a towel or some other method to keep the cover from wearing out and/or creating holes in the cover due to abrasion from wind and movement of the cover.

4)       WARNING:  High winds could topple your fountain while covered. Remove small, lighter components at the top of the fountain which could be subject to wind, prior to covering. During periods of extreme wind it is advised to remove the cover to avoid a parachute effect resulting in your fountain being knocked over. Use a cord or rope to cinch down excess cover that would be subject to high winds, making sure not to create a sag which will allow water to enter the fountain.

5)       Birdbaths may be brought inside for the winter, covered, or the top may be flipped over to shed water.

6)       Statues with a propensity to hold water must be protected or taken inside to avoid freeze damage.

7)       Do not allow your piece to come in contact with de-icing salts. Do not use antifreeze or attempt run a fountain below 33 degrees.

Planter Care

 Our Cast stone planters and frost proof pottery pieces are designed to live outdoors all year as long as they have proper drainage which does not allow water to build up inside. Most planters have a hole in the bottom to allow water to drain.   For a lower risk of freeze damage remove all the dirt from the planter prior to the first freeze and turn upside down.  Ensure that the planter is elevated off the dirt or concrete with pot risers (available at our store) and that ice cannot pool around the base and plug the hole.