Prior To Installation Day Please Review The Following Checklist:


1. MOWING Please mow the grass a day or two prior to installation. Recently mowed grass eliminates problems with grass laying over into the fresh concrete and helps us to do great work.

2. WATER if the ground is dry. During the hot/dry season, please water the areas to be edged the evening before our arrival. Moist grass strips up neater and beautiful curves are easier to cut when we aren’t fighting dry hard packed soil. Additionally, the added ground moisture slows the curing of the concrete, resulting in a stronger, more durable product. Overly dry ground can result in shrinkage cracks. DO NOT WATER THE MORNING OF INSTALLATION!

3. LOCATE AND MARK all sprinkler heads, valve boxes, termite control stations, wires or other in-ground hazards in and around the areas which will receive edging. They are not a problem and can be worked around, but we must know where they are prior to start. We will not be held responsible for damage to hidden hazards, which are not properly marked in advance. Please use flags, plastic forks or some other creative measure to clearly mark these items. Sprinkler heads must be marked prior to our arrival. Please do not run the sprinkler system the morning of the project.

4. TURN OFF your sprinkler system the night before our arrival. The sprinklers could go off during or after installation, resulting in disaster. Also, if the lawn is accidentally watered the morning of our scheduled arrival, and is too soggy, we may have to reschedule, resulting in a return trip charge.

5. UNDERGROUND UTILITIES: Underground utilities should be a minimum of 4” below grade and should not be affected by our 1” deep sod stripping. If however, you are uncertain that your utilities are properly buried, please call in locates to identify problem areas. In KS dial 811 or visit In MO call 1-800-Dig-Rite or visit 10 days prior to our projected arrival.

6.   PETS: We love dogs as much as you do, but don’t enjoy crawling in “doo-doo”. PLEASE PICK UP THE YARD. Please arrange to keep your pets contained or leashed during and after installation for 24 hours.

7. ACCESS TO UTILITIES: We will need access to water and electricity to complete the work. If your outside water spigot or electrical receptacles are broken, please communicate this to us in advance

8. GATES: Please make sure that gates are unlocked and functional.

9. VEHICLES: If you have limited frontage on the street (cul-de-sacs typically) It may be necessary to block your driveway with our installation truck. If this may be an issue please move your vehicles out and away from the front of your home prior to our arrival. If space is tight, please pre-arrange with neighbors to minimize parked cars in the area.

10. SCHEDULE: about 1 hour of your time on the day of the project to finalize designs and review installation details with your designer. Our design process is detailed and your undivided attention is important. Please do not allow us to schedule you on a day that you will feel rushed. Once the design has been laid out and approved you are free to go to work or leave. Your presence

is not necessary during the entire project and we will not need access to the inside of your home.