Edging shapes, Colors and Patterns

The Mower Edge: (Discontinued)  This is the original style invented in Australia in the 1970's and is less popular today given modern options.  Its beveled appearance and "mower feature" provide a simple, classic look.    Due to low demand and the superiority of the angle mold we no longer offer this profile.

The Angle Mold:  The angle style curb creates an elegant look in the landscape. This style can be colored, textured and stamped to create a number of custom looks unique to your surroundings and taste.  This shape is more durable than the mowers edge and because it is equally mower friendly and offers many more options, it is the primary shape used in residential and commercial edging.  

The Square Curb: The square curb, although rarely used in residential installations, offers extreme durability but a more commercial look. In the right application this style can be the perfect addition to your project. Common applications include garden paths, containment of gravel along driveways, or areas where a heavier look is desired. This style can also be stamped and integrally colored. It is the least mower friendly of the profiles and is not recommended in applications requiring mowing.  

Edging Colors

Our SHOWROOM has samples and colors for you to peruse. We have 48 colors to choose from and with the different styles we have there are hundreds of combinations to provide you with exactly what you want for you landscaping needs.

Edging Patterns

Sandstone Paver©

This our flagship product, a simple, elegant textured paver which easily adapts to any style of home or landscape. It's natural look easily blends into all environments. The Sandtone Paver© is the least expensive and most popular of our stamped edging options.

Price Point:  Lower

Antique Paver Brick©

This is our rustic brick paver.  With it's classic "V" joint, it is designed to emulate the look of natural pavers.  With it's basket weave pattern, the Antique Paver Brick© is the perfect compliment to a home that is lacking a stone or brick component in it's construction.

Price Point:  Medium

Colonial Brick©

This is a formal look and our most realistic brick product.  Each Joint is hand tooled and grouted with a propietary grout product.  Although the Colonial Brick© is a labor of love, it is difficult to differentiate from real brick when it is installed.

Price Point:  Highest

Running Bond Brick

This is a rustic brick paver with a classic running bond joint. It is designed to emulate the look of natural pavers.  Like it's cousin, the Antique Paver Brck©, the running bond is also the perfect complement to a home that is lacking a brick or stone component in it's construction.

Price Point:  Medium

Impression Series©

Our impression series offers a wide range of patterned stamping options.  It is an inexpensive upcharge  to add a specifically desired look to coordinate with your  taste or environment.  

Price Point:  Lower