Starting My project

How Much Does Concrete Edging Cost?

One of the first questions we often get is "what is the cost per foot for concrete edging". While it would be convenient to have a quick answer to this seemingly simple question, the reality is that there are many variables to consider and no two projects are alike. An in depth design consultation is necessary to work out all of the details in order to generate an accurate estimate.    

Do You Have A Minimum?

Yes we do.   Project minimums will vary throughout the season based on our scheduled workload as well as distance to the project. We incur the same amount of travel time, set-up and clean-up on a small project that we do on a large project. Therefore smaller projects will cost more per foot than larger projects. The good news is that concrete edging is very affordable relative to other options and has a much longer life with many advantages over other products. Typically any project greater than 120 lineal feet makes the most sense from a cost perspective and the overall cost will drop substantially as a project grows in size.  We will certainly do smaller projects but those projects will result in a higher cost per foot due to the fixed operating costs of deploying a truck and crew.

How Do I Get An Estimate?

While you can stop by anytime to see the samples in our showroom, design consultations are by appointment so we can make sure we are available to fully answer any questions you may have.

If you would like to receive an estimate or get more information, please submit an inquiry by emailing us at, fill out the form below or just call our showroom at 816-941-3343.  Assuming that your project meets our minimums,  a design consultation will be scheduled to meet and go over the details of your project. We offer two options for obtaining an estimate, listed below:

Free Showroom Design Consultation

In order to keep costs as low as possible, our initial meeting will be held at our showroom. During this meeting we will  view your home on a big screen monitor and measure your landscape beds via hi-res satellite imagery (see below).  We will describe our products and our process in detail, answer all of your questions, view samples, colors, patterns etc., and provide you with an accurate and complete project estimate. The consultation is free and there is no pressure to "buy now". We don't like those sales tactics either. Please plan on about 1 hour for this professional and collaborative meeting.  

Our second meeting is at your home on the morning of installation. Together we will perform a very detailed on site design consultation, designing your improved landscape beds with a focus on aesthetics and ease of maintenance.  This process is very efficient and will result in the lowest overall cost.

On Site Pre-Project Design Consultation- Billed Per/Hour 

If you feel that you require an onsite design consultation in advance of installation day, we offer a separate, deposit based fee structure.  On site consultations other than the day of the project (which is included at no additional charge) are billed on an hourly basis, including travel time and will result in a higher level of service, but also a higher overall cost.  Most people do not require this level of service unless there is something very unique or undefined about the project.

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